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Redbubble, a global marketplace that sells print-on-demand products based on user-submitted artwork, is an online marketplace. Redbubble was established in Melbourne, Australia, in 2006. It also has offices in San Francisco, Berlin, and San Francisco.

The company is primarily online and allows members to sell their artwork for decoration on various products. Prints, T-shirts and hoodies are available, as well as cushions, hoodies, hoodies, and cushions. Artists who can maintain their copyrights, set their prices and determine which products will display their images can receive a free membership from the company.

After raising $2 million from investors, Martin Hosking and Peter Styles founded the company in 2006. Hosking resigned from his Aconex position to become CEO of Redbubble on 16 June 2011.

Redbubble reported in March 2014 that 51,900 artists had sold their creations successfully on the site, generating more earnings than A$ 15 million. It was estimated that the site had eight million visitors each month.

Redbubble received funding from various investors in 2015, including Acorn Capital (Melbourne) and Piton Capital (London).

Redbubble’s Melbourne office has hosted an artist residency program since February 2015. Redbubble allows selected artists to create artwork in their studio and collaborate with other artists.

The company was listed on Australia’s Stock Exchange in May 2016.

Hosking reported that there were 450,000 active artists in January 2017 and 10 million people visited the site each month. The site has seen almost 7 million visitors in the past ten years. This has generated $70 million for artists.

Hosking announced his intention to step down as CEO in June 2018. In August 2018, Barry Newstead, the COO of the company, would become CEO. Newstead has been with it since 2013.

Redbubble purchased US-based TeePublic in October 2018 for A$57.7 Million.

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