Merch Informer Review Merch by Amazon Research Tool

In this Merch Informer review, we conclude that the MerchInformer software is the most powerful tool for Amazon Merch on Demand sellers using a Merch by Amazon platform. It allows you to identify and show where customers spend money on products.

Merch Informer Review

Merch Informer is an excellent resource for anyone selling on Amazon and looking to get started with Print on Demand. You can save time and increase sales by combining all these tools.

We recommend Merch Informer. However, if you have questions about the software or how to use it, sign up for the 3-day free trial. You can use everything to ensure that it is a good option for your business selling products on Amazon.

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Merch Informer is a tool to help you sell your Merch products on the Amazon Merch on Demand website. Merch Informer is a trusted brand for your Amazon product business. Merch Informer is a highly recommended tool.

It takes work to design products to sell on Merch by Amazon. It is essential to create and design the perfect product. Your design must be perfect and the colours vibrant. You also need to make sure that your design is unique. Product research can be time-consuming and challenging. It is only possible to do this with the help of some tools like Merch Informer.

Merch Informer will help you through every step of the design process. You can choose from several models to help create your product, such as t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, pillows or even cloth bags.

Many people make a full-time living by uploading their designs to Amazon Merch on Demand. Others pay their bills and mortgages with their royalty income.

While it’s easy to set up your business and start, ensuring you’re selling the right products and optimizing your sales can take time and effort. This tool will allow you to reduce the time spent on your business.

To provide a detailed review of Merch Informer, we will review all the tools in the program. This will give you an overview of pricing, some functionality, and how each tool can be used in your online t-shirt business.

Single Upload Interface Software

Users can upload different product designs to websites and various platforms with just one click. The tool supports Printful, Teespring, Redbubble, Spreadshirt, Printify, Zazzle, Gooten and Teepublic. All you need is a subscription to Merch Informer PRO.

Merch Informer Tutorials

The Merch Informer homepage is where you will find all the modules’ tutorials. These videos will show you how to use each feature of the program. We highly recommend it.

Merch Informer Courses

Merch Informer offers 3 courses within the platform. Merch Academy, Merch Academy 2.0 and Merch Academy 2.0 PRO are the courses. A considerable number of videos to learn all about Merch Informer.

These complete video courses will cover everything you need to know about Print on Demand. Each course covers a small amount of information, but Merch Informer provides all the details for free with your Merch Informer subscription.

Similar to Merchant Search, product search works similarly. You can enter a keyword to search for different Amazon marketplaces that sell Merch by Amazon products.

This search will allow you to retrieve real-time data directly from Amazon. Merch Informer will return all the details it needs in an orderly fashion, so there’s no reason to search every Amazon page (time is money!).

You can think of Merchant Search as a brand search. You can enter a product’s brand name in the search bar and choose the type of product you want to see. The default is Amazon Merch on Demand t-shirts. However, you can use the menu to choose long-sleeved t-shirts, hoodies, popsockets, and v-neck t-shirts.

You can also search the top three Print on Demand markets: the US, UK and Germany.

Merch Hunter

Searching for a keyword can be helpful if you already know what to look for. But what if you want to see Amazon’s best-selling Merch designs with one click instantly?

Merch Hunter does this for you. It is a recreation of the Amazon Merch on Demand database and allows you to search for best sellers with a sales rating and a category/market. You can also look at a specific price range to find the best sellers.

Allows you to search for print-on-demand information outside of Amazon. This allows you to search for keywords or ideas on Pinterest and Etsy.

Enter your keyword and select Etsy or Pinterest to see the results.

This module stands out because it allows you to classify all information results using social proof. This allows you to search for comments, likes, repins, and more, depending on your chosen platform.

You can choose how many reps you have, and you’ll find ideas you can use to create products that others like!

Movers and Shakers and Trend Tracker

Both are useful for finding new trends and finding timeless designs.

Merch Archive

The Merch Archive is a collection of best-selling antique products from a given date.

This is a great way to find holiday-related products right now. This will display the 500 most popular products from that day.

Competition Checker

Competition Checker is here to help you. This module allows you to search all markets that offer Merch by Amazon products by keyword.

The keyword/phrase will be divided by how many products are included in the title, features and description. It will also show how many brands use that keyword as their brand name. This gives you an idea of the competition that exists.

It will also give you an A to F score on how easy it is for Amazon to rate your product.

Keyword Finder

The keyword research module optimizes your Amazon Merch on Demand titles and listings using keywords and data.

Keyword Finder is a great place to start your research session if you know which keyword to search for or which target to focus on.

This module uses a search function and a favourite keywords module.

Amazon’s autocompleting is used to search the site, but it only works for clothing categories. We know that Amazon works like a data engine, so your recommended keywords prove the increase in sales.

It could be as simple as entering a keyword seed, which returns all clothing results. It lets you choose Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Etsy, Cafepress, or all options. If you choose them all, it will take longer to load, but it will give you many more keywords to analyze.

Keyword Cloud

This module works similarly to the Merch Archive. You can use the same calendar approach to go back in time. It will only show the most popular keywords and phrases to find the best-selling products on a given day.

This allows you to see which keywords and phrases were used by top sellers to get search traffic.

You can use the Trending Phrases module to see which keywords and phrases are trending right now, so you can dive deep into the niche to find unique sellers to put them in front of Amazon shoppers.

Niche Hunter

It’s as simple as putting the right pieces together to create a successful Merch by Amazon business. You must pay attention to the other to stay caught up in product sales.

These three fundamental things are pretty simple: Design, keywords and buyer intent.

This tool combines all three parts into one interface. It lets you determine what makes a great design, what keywords are used, and what buyer intent is.


Two tools are available for the Trademark module. Both Trademark Alerts and Trademark Hunter can be used to protect your account and monitor the intellectual property to ensure it is compliant.

The Trademark Alerts module allows you to enter keywords and phrases and save them in Merch Informer. The system will check these keywords and phrases daily to determine if they are trademarks.

Check back every day to see if any products have been registered. You can remove the product from your account before it is subject to a breach.

Listing Score Checker

This listing score checker can help you determine the optimization level of your product listing. Select the asin number of the product you want to optimize and the market where it is sold. This gives you an overview of your current situation and will offer suggestions for improvement.

Synonym Suggest

Excellent tool for finding similar words. These can be used to list your products to get the best traffic.

Merch Analytics

Want to see how your Amazon Merch on Demand account is performing? You can see your dashboard, but only the Merch Analytics module will give you more details.

Upload your CSV reports to Merch Informer, and you will see products sold, average royalties and unique designs. You can also see your situation each day in graph format!


The Notes module helps you take notes of anything you want; the best part is that it’s stored by date, so it’s easy to search and find your notes.

Merch Calendar

Merch Calendar is the place to get inspiration from official and unofficial holidays.

Merch Tracker

Allows you to track your products over time. This allows you to optimize your listings to reach the top of Amazon pages and make your product listings more visible. First, you need to enter an asin, and then you can save it in the system.

It will then begin tracking the product daily for price and BSR changes.

You can also add keywords to see a graph of the product’s performance over time.

You can optimize your listing by tracking daily keywords to determine your position. This helps to get as many eyes on the product as possible.


Favourites can be used in conjunction with product search or brand search.

It can save you time and stop opening hundreds of folders on your desktop. Instead, use tables that contain hundreds of links. Stop opening dozens, if not hundreds, of tabs in your web browser.

Merch Informer’s bookmark module can organize your ideas visually and save time.

Merch Informer Designer

One of our favourite designer software interfaces. Merch Informer Designer is for you if you feel uncomfortable editing images in programs like Photoshop.

You can create stunning-looking designs with this web designer. Drag and drop, upload, add text and customize. This is the only way many Merch Informer users create product designs.

Merch Informer Plugins

Merch Informer offers three different Chrome plugins.

Merch Informer Lister

Every Amazon Merch on Demand user will need the Merch Informer Lister. This Chrome extension allows you to upload products to Amazon 10 times faster than normal humans without this tool!

It’s easy to use: Install the plugin, log into your MerchInformer account and create profiles.

This plugin allows you to create profiles and shortcuts for a button on your keyboard.

Merch Informer Book Hunter

Using Merch Informer Book Hunter, you can search for design ideas on Facebook and Amazon. This can be used to determine if ads are running on products or to see what other designs are doing in different markets based on search terms.

Merch Informer Trademark Protection

This plugin is essential for Amazon Merch On Demand sellers.

Search your title, tags, and descriptions of the products you submit to Amazon, word by word and phrase by phrase, to determine if any of them are trademarked.

You will verify that this information is not trademarked before uploading any product, ensuring that your account remains secure.

Merch Informer Mobile App

The Merch Informer research tool has mobile apps for iOS and Android. Merch Informer is the industry-leading Amazon Merch on Demand research platform. You can run a product search and get a quick trademark check. Also, you can see which products are ranked by Amazon.

Merch Informer Graphic Vectors

MerchInformer releases 100 vector images per month in SVG, PNG, and AI formats (if you are an Adobe Illustrator user) and is available for unrestricted commercial use. Merch Informer has over 2000 graphics available for free!

Merch Informer Pricing Plans

Merch Informer has two pricing plans: pro and beginner. The Beginner plan starts at $9.99 per month, while the Professional plan starts at $59.99 per month.

Merch Informer Coupon Codes and Merch Informer Free Trial
The following code will save you money when you sign up and start using Merch Informer.

Use coupon MERCHCODE to get 20% off.

Merch Informer offers a 3-day free trial for all users. These codes will take effect once you register for the trial.

The lowest plan Merch Informer offers for beginners is the best. The plan’s cost starts at $9.99 per month, which is very affordable, considering what they offer! But if you want to use all the potential tools, you’ll need to upgrade to the Merch Informer PRO Plan, which offers all the tools!

Merch Informer Black Friday 2022
This will be a six-month Merch Informer PRO plan for just $49.99 (with our special partner discount code MERCHCODE, drops to $39.99).

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